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Transfer Basics


Many students will complete their freshman and sophomore years of a four-year college plan at a community college. Each of these institutions has a list of
courses that must be completed to satisfy:
General education requirements,
Lower division pre-major requirements, and
Elective requirements.
How credit for a course at Taft College transfers to another educational institution depends on how that college or university will
accept the course and how clearly defined a student’s transfer goal is.
Typically, for admission to the UC or CSU system, a student will need to have completed 60 or more transferable semester units by the end of the Spring semester for Fall admission, or by the end of the Fall semester for Spring admission, with the required grade point average.
An overview of the transfer process and IGETC and General Education certification is presented in the TC handbook. 
For Additional information regarding transfer planning, please review the “transfer planning” section in the Taft College catalog or call the Transfer/Counseling Center, at (661) 763-7748 or 763-7812.

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