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Our Mission

The Taft College Library supports the overall mission of Taft College by providing the portal of choice for access to knowledge resources in an environment conducive to the process of learning. In addition, the Library strives to make available to Taft College students, faculty and staff the resources needed to conduct research related to their curriculum and endeavors, and by promoting the information literacy skills needed to successfully retrieve and evaluate quality information through instructional support.


Information literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, and use information efficiently, effectively, and ethically to answer an information need.


The library’s mission is accomplished through the following objectives:


  • To support the mission of Taft College and the West Kern Community College District
  • Provide an appropriate, organized and readily accessible collection of print and non-print resources and supportive equipment to meet the institutional, instructional, and individual information and research needs of students, faculty, and staff
  • Provide users with formal and informal instruction to achieve the information competency skills necessary for life-long learning
  • Provide professionally qualified and skilled library staff to support the use of the library resources and to support the academic  needs of the college
  • Provide courteous, prompt, and accurate service to every patron
  • Provide and maintain an easily accessible, user-friendly and safe environment that fosters teaching and learning for all library users, library employees, and Taft College faculty
  • To respond to the changing state of knowledge and curriculum by continually evaluating collections and services and implementing change as appropriate
  • Ensure availability of library collections and services to distance education seekers
  • Collaborate with other library and learning resources providers through conferences, associations, consortia, and related groups
  • Offer tutorials and instruction on how to navigate the library resources electronically and in print



The Taft College Library encourages free inquiry through its commitment to the Library Bill of Rights, and furthers student learning outcomes by supporting the curriculum and providing materials suitable to a wide range of informational interests.


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TC Library Policies



Library General Guidelines


  • We ask that you switch off the ringer on your cell phone–set it to vibrate, or turn off the phone altogether. We don’t mind if you talk or text, as long as it doesn’t disturb other people.
  • Children are welcome if you’re willing to look after them. We do have board games and coloring books at the checkout desk, as well as a dedicated area with children’s and young adult books. But please keep an eye on your kids.
  • No consuming food or drink in the library and this includes the lobby. Please leave them on the cart by the entrance when you’re in the library itself.
  • Please be respectful and courteous to all students or staff members in the library.
  • Patrons must allow staff to search their belongings if they have set off the security alarm when attempting to exit or if staff have any reason to suspect they may have library items that were not properly checked out.


Study Rooms

  • During peak usage periods, group study room use may be limited to 2 (two) hours.
  • A group can only use a room one time per day.
  • Rooms not occupied 10 minutes after check out will be automatically made available to others, first come, first-served.
  • All rooms must be vacated 10 minutes before the library closes.


Computer Use

  • Library computers may not be used to view web sites that contain pornography, real or animated. Students in violation of this rule may be asked to leave the library.
  • Students using computers for non-class related activities will be asked to relinquish their computer when students with class related assignments are waiting. It is expected that this will occur in a courteous manner.
  • Students should not tamper with computer hardware or software, vandalize or destroy computer files.
  • Students are required to have their ID card on them to access the computers.


Library Card

  • Members of the public will be issued a card after paying the appropriate fee. Official student IDs are free, but you’ll need to bring in your class schedule or another document with your “A number” on it.
  • There are several different kinds of cards. Here is a list:
    • TC Students: no charge for card; card does not expire
    • TC Faculty: no charge for card; card does not expire
    • Members of the public age 18 or older: $10 for one year or $2 for a one-day pass
    • Lost cards carry a $2 replacement charge for all categories. Members of the public younger than 18 are not eligible for a card, though they can still visit the library (with adult supervision).
    • You need the card to get onto the computers in the library, as well as to check out materials. Students can check out up to 10 items at a time, public can check out up to 5 items at a time.
    • Public patrons are not permitted to check out DVDs. However, they are welcome to view DVDs within the library.
    • Most books check out for three weeks. Videos go for one week, while other kinds of materials check out for varying lengths of time.
    • You can check out a study room at the front desk of the library. The room checks out for two hours and can be renewed once.








Overdue materials are assessed 10 cents for each day overdue. Materials that are more than two months overdue may be assessed the full replacement cost of the item.



Services and Equipment

The library has the following:

  • Desktop computers with MS Office Software
  • Laptop computers for check-out (in Library use only)
  • Headphones
  • A scanner
  • A printer (black-and-white)
  • A photocopier (black-and-white)
  • A videoconferencing system
  • Study rooms (4)
  • TVs/VCRs/DVD players
  • Over 12,000 books in print
  • More than 130,000 e-books
  • Journals, magazines and newspapers in print
  • Electronic databases with full-text articles, essays and reports
  • 100′s of DVDs

Free Wireless Internet access is available throughout the building. You are welcome to bring your own laptop.

We also offer the following services:

  • Research and reference assistance
  • Issuing/replacing student ID cards (your student ID is also your library card)
  • Inter-library loan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Borrowing Taft College Library Materials


Who may borrow from the TC Library?

Taft College faculty, staff, students, and members of the community who have a public patron library card.


How long may library materials be checked out?

For TC students and public patrons, books circulate for three weeks.

For TC students, DVDs circulate for one week.

For TC faculty and staff, books circulate for sixteen weeks, the equivalent of one semester.


Can materials be renewed?

Materials can be renewed once.


How can I return library materials when the library is closed?

The library has a blue book drop located directly in front of the library.


Do I need a library card to check out books and other items at the TC Library?

Yes, you do need your library card to check out materials.


Are there fines for overdue materials?

Yes. Fines are assessed at 10 cents for each day an item is overdue. Materials overdue more than 2 months may be assessed the replacement cost of the item.


Will I accrue an overdue fine for returning an overdue book while the library is closed?

Yes. The book drop is checked every day.


I forgot my library card at home, can I still check out library materials?

No. You must have your library card if you want to check out materials.



Borrowing Materials from Other Libraries


How do I request a book or article not available in the TC Library?

Inter-library loan is a service that provides resources not held in the Taft College Library, and is available to all current Taft College students, faculty, and staff. To make an inter-library loan request please visit the Reference desk,  or you can call (661)763-7707.


Community Borrowers


I live in the community but do not attend Taft College, can I check out materials?

Yes. All you need is a public patron card.

How do I get a Public Patron library card?

Come into the library and purchase a public patron card for $10.00. The card is good for one year.




Course Reserves


Can I check out a copy of my class textbook?

Yes. The library has a copy of every textbook currently in use at Taft College. Check-out for course reserves is 2 hours. Course reserves do not leave the library.

What other materials are available in the course reserves?

Assigned articles and other specific readings.


Homework or Research Help


Can I get help with a research assignment?

Yes. The librarian or a library technician will be happy to help you with your research assignment.

I need help with writing a paper, where do I go?

The writing lab is located within the library, and tutors are available to help you with writing a paper.




Accessing databases from off-campus


Are the library databases and library catalog available from off campus?

Yes. All patrons may access the databases and the library catalog through the library’s webpage.


Library Accounts


How do I create a library account?

Please see the Services tab for instructions.



Photocopiers and Printers


Are photocopiers available in the library?

Yes. There is a self-serve photocopier located within the library.


Can I copy or print in color?

No. The library does not own a color copier or a color printer.


Does the library provide photo paper or transparencies?

No. The library does not provide photo paper or transparencies. You will need to bring these items with you when using our copier.


Can I pay for print outs and copies with a credit card?

No. There is an ATM located within the college cafeteria. The pay station in the library is cash only.


How much does it cost to print?

Printing in the library is .10 cents per single sided page, and 20 cents for double sided pages.



Computers and Internet Access


Are computers available in the library?

Yes. The library has a computer lab with desktop PCs as well as iMac desktop computers. There also laptop computers available for check-out and use within the library.


Can I reserve a computer?

No. Computers are checked out on a first come first served basis. TC students have priority over public patrons if the need is for homework assignments.


Do you have a scanner?

Yes, the library has one scanner.


Is wifi available in the library?

Yes, the library offers free wifi to all patrons. For log-in information please visit the circulation desk.


Can I print from my laptop computer?

No, printing is not available through the laptop computers at this time.


Can public patrons use library computers?

Yes. Public patrons may use the library computers. However, Taft College students do have priority when they need to work on an assignment and all of the computers are being used.




Can I post announcements or posters in the library?

Announcements must be approved by the librarian.


What is your cell phone policy?

We ask that you switch off the ringer on your cell phone. Set it to vibrate, or turn off the phone altogether. We do not mind if you talk or text, as long as it doesn’t disturb other patrons.


It’s so loud, are there any quiet areas in the library?

The library has 4 study rooms available for check-out. Please see the library policies section for details.


Can I eat my lunch in the library?

No. Food and drinks are not permitted in the library. Bottled water is allowed. There is a food cart located at the entrance for patrons to set their drinks until they leave the building.


Can I suggest a book for the library collection?

Yes. Please use the Recommend for Purchase form located in the Contact menu.


Can I bring my children with me to the library?

Children are welcome if you are willing to look after them. We do have board games and coloring books at the circulation desk, as well as a dedicated area for children’s and young adult books. You are responsible for your children while in the library. You may be asked to leave if your children are too loud or disruptive.


Library Hours, Holidays, and Inservice


What are the library hours?

The library is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. during the normal semester. During the summer semester the library is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., and closed on Fridays. The library is closed on Saturday and Sunday, as well as major holidays and some local holidays.


Is the library open on Saturday or Sunday?

No. The library is closed on the weekends.


Is the library open when the school is not in session?

The library is open when school is not in session; however, the hours of operation are reduced to 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


Does the library have extended hours during finals?

At this time the library does not offer extended hours during finals.

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Library Hours

Fall Semester
Monday – Thursday
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Spring Semester
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7:45am – 4pm
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Summer Semester
Monday – Thursday
8am – 8pm
Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Inservice Hours
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Closed Major Holidays

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