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My Library Account

Your library membership–the account associated with your library card–is what allows you to perform activities at your library’s Web site, such as reserving a book, join a waiting list, manage your requested items, ask a librarian a question about an item, search databases, or pull up the electronic full text of a magazine article.

Search results and item details often link into these online services at the library, but only your library membership will give you full access to them.

First Time Log-In Instructions

The first time you log in to your library account, you will need to set a password.

  1. Go to the My Library Account log-in page. Enter your student ID ( A#) and click Set/reset password.
  2. Check your student email for a message from the library and follow the instructions to set a new password.
  3. Once the password is set, go back to the My Library Account log-in page and sign in with your student ID ( A#) and new password.


WorldCat Account

Taft College Library is dedicated to offering you access to the widest possible range of resources. You are now able to search our collection and the collections of many other libraries worldwide using WorldCat, the world’s largest network of library-based content and services. A free WorldCat user account that allows you to create a personal profile; build private and public lists of library items; and contribute reviews and notes to WorldCat records.

Benefits of an Account

Signing up for a WorldCat account is fast and easy, and requires only an e-mail address. A WorldCat account lets you:

  • Create a public profile that lets other WorldCat users know something about you and your interests
  • Add a page to your favorites, or add a favorite library
  • Bookmark & share your results, or add a link to the page
  • Save your search results
  • Build and maintain public or private lists of books, videos and many other kinds of items owned by libraries
  • Add information to WorldCat records, such as reviews, notes and tags


Create a WorldCat Account

To access the Create an Account screen, click on the WorldCat Sign in link in the upper right corner of the Advanced Search screen. From the pop-up, click Create a Free Account.

  1. Enter a unique user name, password and e-mail address. User names must be fewer than 35 characters, letters or numbers only with no special characters or spaces. Once you have established your account, your user name cannot be changed. If you want another user name, you must create another account with a different e-mail address.
  2. Read the Terms of Service.
  3. Check the age certification check box.
  4. Type the word(s) shown in the image directly below the check box.
  5. Select the I agree button.  Result: The Thank you for registering! screen appears, followed shortly by a confirmation 3-mail to the address you specified.



Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan Defined

Interlibrary loan is a service that provides resources not held in the Taft College Library, and is available to all current Taft College students, faculty, and staff. If the library does not own a book or article that you need, you can request that the Library borrow that book or article from another participating library.


Borrowing Policy and Procedures

Interlibrary loan is a service provided free of charge but please be aware that the lending library may charge a fee. Requesting materials from another library can take 3-10 days or more and books usually take longer than articles so please plan accordingly.

If you would like to make a request through ILL, please visit the library’s Reference desk or call the Library at 763-7707.

Please provide:

  • Title of the book or article (for articles include the title of the journal in which the article was published)
  • The name of the author
  • Date of publication
  • Dollar amount in which you are willing to pay for the requested material
  • Date needed by

The lending library retains the right of deciding in each case whether a particular item should or should not be provided. Items borrowed are subject to the lending library’s policy regarding due dates. Overdue fines accrue at a rate of one dollar per day ($1.00). This is in addition to any fees charged by the lending library. The fines apply to all patrons, including faculty and staff. Patrons are limited to two items per request.


Lending Policy to Other Institutions

Acceptable Methods of Request

OCLC Interlibrary Loan and Article Exchange is the preferred method. If OCLC is not possible requests can be made by calling the Taft College Library at (661)763-7707.


Excluded Materials

The following item types are not lent: Textbooks, audio/visual, current month periodicals, reference materials, or items published/purchased within the last 12 months.

***The safety of borrowed material is the responsibility of the borrowing library from the time the material leaves the Taft College Library until it is returned. The borrowing library is responsible for packaging the material so as to insure its return in good condition.

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Study Rooms

The Taft College Library has four study rooms available for check-out. Study rooms must be checked out at the circulation desk. Study rooms check out for two hours with one renewal for a total of four hours. If a group of students will be in the room then the whole group must check in at the circulation desk to have their names added to the list for that room. Students may check out a room one time per day. No food or drink is allowed in the study rooms except bottled water. The study rooms offer a quiet place to study or work with a group but please keep the noise level down while using a study room because other students in the library will be able to hear you.

  • During peak usage periods, group study room use may be limited to 2 (two) hours.
  • A group can only use a room one time per day.
  • Rooms not occupied 10 minutes after check out will be automatically made available to others, first come, first-served.
  • All rooms must be vacated 10 minutes before the library closes.

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The Taft College Library has a computer lab with desktop computers, and laptop computers available for check-out and use within the library. Laptops can be checked out for four hours one time per day. Free Wireless Internet access is available throughout the building and you are welcome to bring your own laptop. Please be aware that printing is not available from a laptop.


Printing & Copying

Printing is available in black & white at 5 cents per page for single-sided and 10 cents per page for double-sided. Students will need to stop at the circulation desk to activate their ID card prior to printing, and put money on your account using the pay station  located within the library for your convenience.

There is a self-serve copier located in the library that will make black & white copies for 10 cents per page.

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Services for Faculty

Taft College Library Collection

The Taft College Library collection is at its best when faculty actively participate in its development. We strongly encourage you to suggest a title online or contact Terri Smith to discuss the library’s holdings in your discipline.


The library currently has over 30,000 print titles including over 130,000 eBooks, 40 print periodical subscriptions, as well as several hundred DVDs. Taft College Faculty may check out library materials for 16 weeks. The library subscribes to approximately 5 database providers with access to over 76 different databases which are accessible electronically on campus and through the library website. The new library catalog allows searching for most of these resources simultaneously.


Textbooks and Other Reserve Materials


We make many textbooks available for 2-hour checkout by students through faculty donations and by contacting the publisher for a complementary desk copy. The library reserve collection also includes other instructor prepared materials. Contact Mary Decker at 661-763-7707 to place your course materials on reserve.


Information Literacy/Research Instruction for Your Students


Information literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, and use information efficiently, effectively, and ethically to answer an information need. As experts in information competency, the library staff is available to assist you and your students in meeting the college’s information competency requirement. In addition, we provide research instruction and support tailored to the needs of your students by:


  • Creating a customized instruction session held in your classroom
  • Collaborating with you to effectively integrate information competency into your curriculum and assignments
  • Creating research guides for your course, highlighting the library and internet resources that will be most useful for your students


Please contact Terri Smith at 661-763-7817 to schedule a class visitation, or to discuss information resources for your students.

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Introducing Students to Library Resources


Creating Effective Library Assignments: A Guide for Faculty

The following are suggestions to more effectively introduce students to library resources.


The effective library assignment has a specific, clear purpose. It increases the students understanding of the subject and teaches the process of information seeking. Students learn the proper way to cite a work and their appreciation for the scientific method grows as they are challenged to organize, analyze, and think critically about what they read. They have obtained skills that are transferable beyond immediate classroom applications.


Talk with a Reference Librarian before the assignment. The Librarian will be glad to look at a draft and can be a valuable resource to tap when designing a research assignment.


Send a copy of your assignment to the Reference Department before it is distributed to the class. The reference staff will be better prepared to help your students.


Give assignment in writing to reduce confusion. Differentiate between primary and secondary sources, popular and scholarly, computerized and print. Include the title and call number when appropriate.


Give assignment early. Discuss it with the course syllabus and prepare students by explaining why they are doing it and what purpose it serves. If the assignment requires the use of specific sources, a list of the complete citations for these should be included and kept current.


Use correct terminology. Define any questionable words. Students tend to interpret library assignments very literally.


Check your assignment regularly so the students are not asked to use outdated methods and sources. The Library is dynamic. New sources and ways of accessing information replace old ones every day.


Use resources available in the Taft College Library. Students will be very frustrated and the library assignment will not be successful if the material they are being assigned to use does not exist, has been discarded, or is checked out.


Appropriate time frame. Do the assignment yourself to see how long it takes. Remember to allow for your experience and their inexperience.


Assignment can be done by student with limited assistance from the Librarian. If your assignment requires a great deal of instruction, arrange for a class visit from the Librarian. Allow at least one week notice when scheduling please.





Many students don’t understand the intricacies of subject headings, periodical indexes, or computerized databases. It is best to assume no previous research experience on the part of your students, especially in today’s technological environment.



The least effective assignment asks students to locate random facts with no prior instruction or guidance. Scavenger hunt assignments consist of a list of questions with no indication as to where a student would locate answers. Usually the librarians, not the students, end up locating the information. These assignments lack a clear purpose and create anxiety.



Instead of asking an entire class to research the history of IBM, ask them to research the history of a major, public corporation of their choosing. If it is necessary for a whole class to use a particular source, have it put in a special location like Reserves at the Circulation Desk.


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