Taft College prides itself as a small, comprehensive institution with a wide range of educational programs and support services to students. We offer approximately 40 degrees and 30 certificates in transfer education and career-technical education programs. Our enrollment of nearly 12,000 students at our campus in Taft, through our partnership with Westec in Shafter, CA, and through our Distance Learning Program, have access to innovative, caring faculty members and the support programs needed to promote student success.


Taft College is a leader in offering comprehensive curriculum in high-demand fields including Energy Technology and Dental Hygiene. The College has received approval for seven Associate Degrees for Transfer under Senate Bill 1440: Art History, Early Childhood Education, English, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Studio Arts. Three degrees are currently in development: Criminal Justice Administration, Business Administration, and Mathematics. Students at Taft College are focused on success — whether they plan to continue their education at a four-year college, or enter the workforce in a new career.


Since passage of a General Obligation Bond (Measure A) in 2004, Taft College has embarked on an ambitious effort to update and enhance existing facilities, build new instructional spaces and complete a new Master Plan for the campus. To date, Taft College has completed the following construction projects:


  • New Child Development Center
  • Modernized Administration Building
  • Expanded and modernized Library
  • Modernized Sciences Building
  • Renovation of the Cougar Courtyard
  • Modernized Technical Arts Building
  • Technology Infrastructure


In addition, the College recently completed construction of the Center for Independent Living, a 24,000 square foot state of the art facility for the Transition to Independent Living Program. We are now in the process of modernizing campus dormitories, and will commence construction of the new Student Center in late 2014/early 2015. The Student Center will house a new cafeteria, bookstore and student union. Following that, we anticipate construction of a new Vocational Building which will house instructional programs in Dental Hygiene and other disciplines.


Clearly, Taft College is on the move and ready to help you identify your academic goals, map out a course of action, overcome obstacles and realize your educational dreams! We are committed to your academic success and welcome you to Taft College.