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Alternate Media

Please follow these directions for requesting alternate media at Taft College:

1) Read the Alternate Media Contract Agreement

2) Complete the form as completely as possible

3) Click Send!


  • If you have never received alternate media before, you do not need to enter the alternate format (DOC, PDF, Learning Ally etc.) you are requesting. Please contact 661-763-7799 to make an appointment with the High Tech Specialist to learn about your alternate media options.
  • When entering your textbook information, please add as much information possible: Name of Class/ Instructor / Title of Book / Author / Edition / ISBN 3) Please send a copy of all receipts for textbooks you are requesting to

Contract Agreement:

  1. Persons requesting alternate media of their textbook(s) must have verification of a disability. Students may schedule an appointment with our learning specialist to receive information about eligibility. Please call 661-763-7799 or ask jessica for more information.
  2. Students must currently be registered at Taft College and must be enrolled in the course for which they are requesting alternate media.
  3. Students requesting materials in alternate formats must own a physical copy of the textbook or other course materials (if applicable) before alternate media is distributed.
  4. Alternate media production may take up to 2 weeks. Orders will be completed in the order in which they are received. Turn-around times may vary according to the type of request.
  5. Materials provided to DSP&S for the purpose of converting to alternate format may be disassembled and returned to the student in an altered condition.
  6. Students will be provided with one alternate format copy of each material requested. The course material provided in alternate format is for the sole use of the DSPS student who made the request and was authorized to receive it. Students may not reproduce or distribute any alternate media provided by DSPS. Doing so is violation of copyright law. Students may retain the alternate media provided by DSPS for as long as they own a copy of the original material. Students who sell their original material must return the alternate media to DSPS or agree to delete the files from their computer.
  7. Infringement of copyright law or any abuse of the alternate media student contract is subject to suspension of the DSPS accommodation.
  8. Name
    Semester/ Year
    Phone number
    If you have not received alternate media at Taft College before, please skip the next section about formats, enter your textbook information, and make an appointment with the High Tech Specialist by calling 661-763-7977.
    Book Information ?
    Please enter 1) the ISBN number, 2) the title, 2) the author, 3) the edition, 4) the publisher, 5) the course number, and 6) the instructor. You can find this information at the TC bookstore website: